My name is Maik Ebel. Together with my friend Thomas Waegener I created this homepage.
We are two ship spotters and shipping enthusiasts from Germany.

When we started taking photographs of ships and maritime motifs in the early 1990s, we did not think that this hobby would fill our lifes in such a way. As often as we can we go to the major European ports and rivers to take photographs of merchant ships. Especially Rotterdam, the river Scheldt and the river Elbe are interesting spotting places. Today, we are working hours just to keep our database and photographs up to date. We found many new friends in the whole world with who we regularly exchange our photos and information.

Taking photographs of ships is not just a hobby. It is like a profession to us. We are not interested in taking photographs just to fill any lists of newbuildings. We are interested in the ships, their history, data, background and any information we can get about them, about their managers, owners and background stories.

The quality of photos is our biggest aim. So good weather conditions and nice spotting places with the possibility of many photo perspectives are necessary to us. Sunny, clear and interesting photos, taken from different and interesting angles, is what makes photographs interesting to us.

When I created my first homepage in 1997, it was one of only 3 websites dealing with ship photos on the internet at that time. The times have changed. Today, you find so many websites with tons of photos. But what about the quality, the passion ? We keep going on presenting our photos on this private website, trying to select the good and interesting photos / ships.

We have a collection of more than 10000 photos online on this website. You can find our photos on websites like www.marinetraffic.com and www.fleetmon.com, as well as on many private homepages and databases of ship spotters.

All photos on this website are (c) by Maik Ebel and Thomas Waegener. Photos may be downloaded for private usage and private collections. Commercial use is possible, information via contact/e-mail.