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Top Ship

A card game - Ship-Photos.de version


  • 32 randomly chosen cards are dealt for you and the computer.
  • You start the game: Select the best category from your topmost card and click on it.
  • It is compared with the value of the same category of the computer's card.
  • The best value (usually the largest, but in the case of year of built and depth, lower is considered better) wins the 'trick'.
  • The winner takes both cards of the trick and places them at the bottom of his pile.
  • The winner then looks at the new topmost card, and chooses the category for the next round.
       So if the computer is the winner, wait for him to choose a category.
  • The player that gets all 32 cards wins the game.

  • Please note: You need a high screen resolution so the cards can be displayed the right way.

    Click here to start the game.