Modern Artwork - 'Niledutch Kwanza'

In March 2009 started a special graffiti art project.
Over 40 artists from all over Europe were invited to convert the hull of Ro-Lo cargo vessel 'Niledutch Kwanza' into a graffiti artwork.
The shipowners of NileDutch allowed this unusual 'painting' because they described graffiti as progressive and modern art.
They wanted to give young artists this unique chance to present their art.
The work started at Antwerp and was completed at the following ports of destination during the loading and discharging operations.

On the photos the vessel is seen passing Terneuzen in July 2009 bound for Antwerp in the last light of that day.

For more than six months the graffiti could be seen on the hull. Then the vessel got its company colours back.
In September 2010 the vessel was scrapped at Alang.

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