Miniature ship model

Text and photographs from Wolfgang Drexler.

Ship Profile

Scale: 1:100
Length: 164 cm
Beam: 27,5 cm
Weight: approx. 7 kg; completed with ballast and battery (12V, 12Ah): approx. 18 kg


Hull: Balsa and plywood, coated with glass-fibre
Superstructure: Plastic
Hatch mouldings: strips of wood
Mast, railing, container-racks: solded brass and copper
Containers: resin; rubber moulds made by myself


General Arrangement Plan of the shipyard (thanks to the shipping company NSB!) and about 600 slides taken by my girl friend at our voyage Hamburg-Melbourne.

Due to the lack of model plans, I spent very much time in drawing new plans and some detail plans.


I am building this ship since 1997, but made some longer breaks within this period. Actually I have really no idea how many hours it has taken until now.

A pretty hard work was finding the colour graduation of the unusual pink. I got no information from the shipping company, so I had to rely on my memory and some photos. It took many attempts till the result was o.k. On every attempt the colour had to dry completely, because the colour changes during this process. This took about 4-5 days each time! But I think it was worth the time, I am very happy with it now.

The model has only motor control and left-right functions by now. It is mainly build for a show - case in our living room. When the model is complete (there are still some details missing) I would like to add a bow thruster and lights.

I am really content with this model. It is a very special remembrance to my journey on this ship and due to the unusual colour a very unique model.

building the hull

building the hull -
zoom view of the bow

backview of the already painted ship

stern view with superstructures in detail

on the bridge

After working several months on the model...

test on real water

"in service"

"in service"